MMOs Most Played, the Origin Of Sandbox, and More

And finally today, commentary and insight on the latest MMO news – from the MMOs attracting the most play time right now, through the origins of the terms “Themepark” and “Sandbox”, to commentary on a new PvP exploit and the ongoing woes of the Elder Scrolls MMO…

  • What’s the top MMO right now? Nosy Gamer has the charts for the most-played MMOs this month“While one could argue that other factors, such as summer and the weakness of Star Wars: The Old Republic have contributed to the overall weakness in MMORPG numbers, the fact that the overall numbers so closely match with WoW’s decline does lead some credence to believing the Diablo Effect is still having an influence.”
  • Really? “There’s no more innovation possible in MMOs”? Straw Fellow comments on the Elder Scrolls Online’s team’s latest bizarre statement“The MMORPG industry is very young indeed, and there are many ideas to be had. Leave it up to the big companies to refine what works. I want to see someone do something crazy.”
  • Ravious at Kill Ten Rats is digging into history, as he asks when exactly we started using “themepark” and “sandbox” to describe MMOs?“On KillTenRats, the first instance of the term “sandbox” is in 2005 where Zubon praised EVE Online and A Tale in the Desert for being such MMOs. “Theme park” occurs in 2007 and 2008, again by Zubon.”
  • And finally, Cynwise blows the whistle on a sneaky and potentially damaging new exploit making the rounds in WoW PvP“This exploit is in the same category as the Arathi Basin Fast Start exploit from a while ago – deliberately circumventing the explicit rules of the game. There’s not even a gray area here about how everyone can do it – you need to download an add-on for it, and no, you can google it yourself, I’m not linking to it.”

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