MMOs in your browser and confirmation bias in your brain

And to round the day off, a bit of deep thought (and a warming), a bit of musing and considering, and an interesting area of MMO gaming that many of us haven’t explored…

  • Syp at Bio Break is debating the difference between “neat” (quest-driven, orderly) and “messy” (wandering, random) styles of MMORPG play“I always become very worried that I’m overlooking a part of the game, missed some secret, didn’t do everything I should’ve, and so on. It’s what drove me more than once to walkthroughs, because I couldn’t stand completing a game messily. “
  • Riknas guest posts at Jaded Alt, introducing us to the world of MMORPGs you can play in your browser“Have you thought about actually playing an MMO while browsing the internet, without having to minimize the program? Well, get this. You can. Pretty cool, right?”
  • And Tesh at Tish Tosh Tesh talks about the potential biases we’re all at risk from when looking at news- like MMO news – that’s close to our heart“The really crazy part is when you see through the curtain sometimes, but decide to let it slip back into place later, say, if the same media outlet reports something you want to hear. “

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