MMOs in General This W’end – Economics, FPS MMO Woes, and Chasing the MMO High

A number of potential discussion-starting posts hit my virtual desk this weekend in general MMO discussion territory – I’ll be interested to see the debate on these continue.

From Stubborn talking about a broken Skinner’s Box in MMOs, to Rowan doing the math on MMORPG development profits, here we go:

  • MMOs keep failing, apparently – so why do developers keep making them? Rowan at I Have Touched The Sky demonstrates the revenue math that makes MMOs so appealing to developers“Smarter people than I have studied the business model known as razors-and-blades and reached no better conclusion than that it seems to work—and work well—despite some logical economic “.intuition” to the contrary.”
  • Stubborn looks at the seemingly obvious question of whether WoW’s a game, and in doing so proposes a reason for the current MMO malaise“I think, in fact, that the amazing popularity of achievement hunting, pet and mount gathering, and transmogrifying is really an attempt by the player to take control of their choice making within the game. “
  • Fulguralis at Killing ’em Slowly asks when it’s time to stop paying that subscription fee“In today’s age of “investor calls” and crap like that, where subscriber numbers are reviewed and decisions are made based on some giant bottom line, I don’t want to be a black mark on a game I’ve enjoyed. I don’t want to be just another user jumping ship. But I don’t want to pay for something I’m not using either.”
  • And Klepsacovic has a really interesting point when talking about the rising genre of MMO First Person Shooters – will headshots make the game unfair and unfun?“In Stalker I might take down a team of enemies in a few seconds, at long range. At the least, it would be trivial to take down one and fall back, untouched. Obviously this is fun for me, but is it any fun for other players?”

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