LFD Mania! SWTOR first-look, It’s Just People, and WHY are LFDers afraid of good gear?

LFD! It’s hit SWTOR! It’s being discussed in the blogosphere! And in WoW, emergent behaviours in the LFD tool appear to be getting… wierd.

Yes, it’s LFD mania in the blogosphere, as suddenly everyone seems to be talking about the old warhorse at once. So, whether you want to hear how SWTOR’s (single-server) LFD tool is doing, want to consider a counterpoint to the “Blizzard should fix it” argument, or want to find out about the wierd, wierd new “oh, no, a raider in LFD! Quick, flame her!” behaviour that seems to be going around WoW, read on…

  • Yes, it would seem that LFD has, in a reversal of traditional roles, become a place where highly geared players get flamed, now. Matthew Rossi has a truly fascinating report“Has the sight of a raid-geared player in a heroic become so rare that when I show up it’s like seeing a sasquatch out on a nature trail?”
  • The Godmother reacts to recent stories about bad behaviour in LFD being Blizzard’s failure, suggesting that the quality of LFD is out of Blizzard’s hands“Blizzard can’t change the players. It can try and make them happier, give them more things to do and increasing ways to gear and feel fulfilled. It has improved in beta the way knowledge about classes is communicated. It is giving lots of opportunities for people to ‘learn to play’ However if people choose not to take them, there is nothing anyone can do.”
  • And with SWTOR’s new LFD tool going live, Shintar ventures bravely in there, and emerges with a report on how it’s looking in the early days“For what it’s worth I had fun today. And unlike on my first day of WoW dungeon finding back in the day, nobody quit at random, threw a strop, tried to kick anyone else or ninjaed anything, which is a good sign.”

Any idea why highly-geared players are being shunned? And do you think Blizzard can control the quality of their LFD?