Legendaries for Everyone in MoP?

In MoP, it would appear a new questline offers a rather nice reward: a legendary weapon.

For any class.

I’m expecting more comment on this over the next few days, but we’ve already seen a couple of interesting reactions from the blogosphere:

  • The Godmother at ALT:ernative has been thinking hard about how Blizzard can get this idea to actually work“It should take months to get your Legendary. In fact, you shouldn’t have it until the last boss of the Expansion. You should need to defeat the last boss of each Raid Patch in a normal group to even qualify to wield it. “
  • And whilst longtime readers may want to skip the general rant about LFD/LFR at the start, The Grumpy Elf has some good points to make about just how potentially unbalancing an idea, both socially and gameplay-wise, this is“I hope they balance it around everyone needing to do most of the legendary on their own and not have it be something they collect in raids like all other legendary things were. I can see it already, tearing most guilds apart, if it is something that needs to be collected in raids. “

What do you think of the Legendaries-For-All quest idea?