It Came From The Weekend – MMO Futures and WoW Standups

And rounding off our coverage of this weekend, here are the great articles we saw on other topics:

  • Not exactly a blog, but Leif Johnson’s editorial on the fading of the MMORPG genre at Gamespy is really interesting stuff“reflecting on the last decade, I think that’s less because I’ve changed and more because readily available information and fewer reasons to rely on our friends have robbed the genre of that dash of magic — a magic that may never return.”
  • Saxsy at I Like Pancakes tells a story of a dream, some might say a crazy dream – to perform standup comedy at WoW’s infamous Lion’s Pride Inn“Somehow, amidst the chaos that is Goldshire on Moon Guard, it worked. People had a great time. People who knew me told me it was hilarious. People who didn’t know me told me it was hilarious. One person even offered to RP a patronage relationship.”
  • And Windsoar at Jaded Alt considers her relationships with various MMOs, and how she enjoys them in various ways“If I decided tomorrow that Lord of the Rings was going to be my main, I think a lot of what I currently enjoy about the game would change. My relationship with LoTRO as a gamer would change, and likewise, my relationship to the people who I interacted with in-game would change as well. “

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