Initial Reactions to the Diablo 3 Real Money Auction House

It’s here! Rather later than expected, but the potentially game-changing Real Money-based Auction House in Diablo 3 has gone live.

So, what have everyone’s initial reactions been? Are they rich? Are they planning on buying all their weapons from now on with dollars rather than gold?

  • Azuriel at In An Age describes his briefly renewed interest in Diablo 3 when he sold an item for real money, interest which diminished when he realised he’d have to play D3 to make more“Could I have augmented my talent loadout to better combat their abilities? Yes. Could I have simply avoided them? Sure. Could I be bothered to do any of that when I have a perfectly fun Battlefield 3 as an alternative? Hell-to-the-no.”
  • Marcko at Diablo 3 Gold Guide provides a rundown of the first couple of days of Diablo 3 RMAH from his (financially interested) position“As of right now, you need to assign a dollar value to one hundred thousand gold. You will compare all other strategies to this dollar value. If they can’t compete then you shouldn’t be wasting your time on them.”
  • Bolbor at Reddit recounts his experience buying items on the RMAH, and the subsequent buyer’s remorse“$50 had bought me nothing. The pixels were there, but gone was the pixelated high I used to get seeing items drop on the floor. The yellow items remained slot-machines of disappointment. I could kill the Butcher now, but I still wasn’t getting that high I so longed for from rares.”
  • And Edward at Terra Nova discusses the experience of outfitting his Diablo 3 character from the RMAH, and his concerns about erasing the line between gold and dollars“The RMAH wipes these differences away. If the state were to extend its regulatory scheme from dollars to gold pieces, what could Blizzard say in opposition?”

So, sold any Diablo items for real money yet?