Impressions from the Final Secret World Beta

Yes, it is over. The Secret World’s final beta weekend is over, the NDA is lifted, and bloggers from across the MMOsphere are weighing in on the chances of 2012’s most unusual MMO title…

  • The Nosy Gamer goes over the points that make The Secret World different – and similar – to other MMOs“In The Secret World, the developers didn’t go out of their ways to make women into sex objects. Sure, female characters can wear bikini tops and hot pants, but they also get the option to wear turtle neck sweaters and jeans. “
  • Entombed at Divinity’s Reach goes through TSW in detail, reaching the common conclusion that its ideas are interesting, but the game itself may not be ready“There is fun to be found in this game, but it is hidden behind frustration, agony, and turmoil of poorly implemented features. “
  • Wezmodeus covers a number of points he likes about the game, but overall joins the “not ready for prime time” opinion“I did feel myself tempted to play it, but it still feels a little clunky and unfinished and I don’t know if it can survive as a monthly fee MMO especially given Funcom’s track record with AO and AoC both going free to play.”
  • Why I Game goes through the problems The Secret World currently exhibits in great and interesting detail“I guess we’re back to traditional MMO mechanics where you have to officially form a group first. I better stop “helping” before someone shouts at me for killstealing them. Sad panda.”
  • Chris at Level Capped is trying to decide if he’s willing to put up with the samey MMO mechanics for the unique atmosphere and story“Is there going to be enough redeeming otherness about this moody, classless, modern horror-story that will make me want to put my head down and get through the combat?”
  • Copra, meanwhile, has been hooked by the game’s atmosphere, and explains why he’s definitely sold on TSW“What really got me was the depth of intrigue in the storylines. The way you can find sidequests here and there just by exploring. The way you are ushered onwards by giving winks, nudges and hints which make you WANT to go where the story is taking you.”
  • Tobold gives a short pro and con list before explaining why he won’t be playing TSW“I’m not saying this is a bad game, but I’m sick and tired of games with the same old combat mechanics, running around for the same old quests to kill monsters here and click on hotspots there.”
  • And Julian at Kill Ten Rats gives us a detailed, cautiously optimistic look at the game“Is it engaging? Yes. Is it challenging? Oh, yes, you bet it is. Does it present new ideas or new twists in old concepts? It does. The real question is, is all this executed in a way where it all comes together in harmony and The Experience™ takes shape? “

Have you been playing the TSW beta? If so, what did you think?