How WoW Has Changed … Well, Everyone

How has your time in World of Warcraft changed you?

That’s the deceptively simple question that Syl of Raging Monkeys asked this week. Many of us have been inhabiting Azeroth for seven or more years, spending as much time with it as we do with our friends – indeed, for a lot of us, it’s how we spend time with many of our friends or family. It’s undeniably been a significant part of our lives.

So, as we’ve been staring into Azeroth, has Azeroth been staring into us? And if so, what has changed?

  • Syl started the bandwagon off with a fascinating look at how her motivations for playing have changed almost completely in the time she’s been a serious WoW player“One can certainly argue that some of the change is due to the effect of time; I’ve been there done that for a very long time, I moved on to wanting different. And while that may play a part, I still don’t think it’s the main factor but rather the way how these aspects were designed and realized in WoW.”
  • Klepsacovic, who played his first MMO with WoW and has subsequently stopped playing it, reflects on all the ways that WoW changed his real life, mostly for good“As an introvert, WoW was a great thing, a place where I could fit in as a loser of a college student. Until the community shifted, I had some notion of where people stood, and where if things were perhaps too much srs bns, that was fine, because we were all on the same page with it. Different people are playing now, and that’s fine, but it’s not the place for me anymore. “
  • Rakuno at Shards of Imagination considers his initial reaction to various game concepts, and how they subsequently panned out for him“The few times I tried raiding I felt like a small cog on it, unimportant and completely disconnected from everything that was happening and everyone participating on it. That is a completely different feeling I get from running a dungeon with a small group of friends. “
  • River at High Latency Life considers the ways that WoW has changed his life both in-game and out“Some of those readers actually became my friends, and one of those friends became a co-writer here. Her name was Bee, and she helped me through a pretty bad time of my life when I was in the hospital.”
  • And finally, Wapsipinicon at Goetia’s Letters shares the very personal and touching story of how WoW helped her dream again“I was seriously ill last summer, and the following months of my recovery were when I began playing WoW on a near-daily basis. And then early this year I very suddenly realized: as I leveled my toons I was putting together backgrounds and stories for them. And I was “working” on those stories in my head throughout the day. I was daydreaming again. “

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How has WoW changed your life?