Hope! Hope for transfers, subscriptions, and LGBT events in game

In contrast to the concerns of our other post today, this post brings nothing but messages of hope.

Yes, it’s a very hopeful day in the MMOsphere. From new hope (appropriately enough) springing from SWTOR server transfers, to a report on the huge Proudmoore Gay / LGBT Pride event, here are some blog posts to cheer your day:

  • It’s great to hear there’s another side to the SWTOR server transfers – Spinks hasn’t had the woes other players of the game have encountered, and in fact feels that her server transfer has breathed new life into the game“Fleet chat was buzzing, full of excited players who had either just transferred or were enjoying the new crowds. Within an evening I had found a friendly guild and joined a random instance group to run Taral-V and Maelstrom Prison. “
  • In amidst a wave of bloggers quitting WoW, Ben at Scribblings On The Asylum Wall explains why he still considers the WoW subscription a superb source of entertainment“Someone once challenged me that I could spend that money better on other things, and I laughed at them because $12 buys less than two movie tickets.”
  • And Ironyca delivers a lengthy pictorial report on the WoW Proudmoore Pride event, one of the largest gay/LGBT events I’ve ever heard about ingame“It was so silly, look at how cluttered that bridge is. The boat bursting with people left the harbor without me. I suspected it would crash, although it actually didn’t. “

What are you hopeful for right now?