Banned from SWTOR + LoTRO’s Weatherstock Wraps Up

And finally, a couple of links from the other big MMO contenders (other than EVE, which is still engaged in a massive argument over alliances) this weekend.

I nearly featured Battle Chicken’s tale of being banned for no visible reason in SWTOR on its own – it’s a difficult and unpleasant position to be put in. But the LoTRO Weatherstock music festival is just too unique to ignore, so…

  • SWTOR’s been cursed with poor customer service before now – but the case of Battlechicken’s unexplained ban from the game might be the worst instance I’ve heard of. Any ideas what she should do now?“The fact that they didn’t identify the third party source meant I couldn’t even figure out if it was something I had knowingly done without realizing it was against the ToS.”
  • On a happier note, LoTRO’s unique music festival, Weatherstock, happened for the fourth time this weekend, with over 500 players in attendance. A Casual Stroll To Mordor has the wrapup from the crowds“I didn’t hear what the final tally of players that attended this year but it is reported on the forums as “about 500 people, 1 chicken and 1 horse”. It certainly seemed larger than last year from my perspective.”

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