Where IS the Diablo AH headed?

We all boggled when the Diablo 3 AH was announced last year. We all went into a frenzy of predicting what would happen.

And frankly, we all got it completely wrong.

Today, the hot news in the blogosphere is the Diablo AH, once again, as we look at where it’s going, what it’s doing, whether it’ll destroy your game experience, and just what to expect when the real-money side of it finally arrives:

  • Heartbourne at Lorehound writes a super-in-depth article looking at the theory of supply and demand – more complicated than you might think – and how it is applying and will apply to the D3 AH“One of the basic ideas of economics that gets thrown around a lot by laymen is “supply and demand“. They are really two separate ideas that can be used in conjunction with each other to predict market behavior.”
  • Tobold is left wondering just where the AH is supposed to fit in to the overall balance of Diablo 3“I will be left wondering “Will later difficulty modes be balanced around people purchasing AH gear?”. I mean, I could probably play the game perfectly well without using my healing spell, or without using potions, or without using the right mouse button. But there is something inherently stupid about having to make up your own rules for handicapping yourself so as to balance the game.”
  • Jim at Power Word Gold looks at the effect that Diablo 3 is having on the WoW Auction House – complete with graphs!“The US Alliance auction house average market value was 4.03M gold on May 14 and is now down to 2.97M gold a drop of just over 25%. The global US auction house market value was 1.85B gold on May 14, 2012 and is now down to 1.34B gold on May 22, 2012, a reduction of over 27%.”
  • And I Sheep Things looks at the pretty colossal bugs in the current D3 AH and asks if it’s anywhere near ready for the real-money addon“If we can’t even track digital gold how on earth does Blizzard expect me to pay 5 bucks for something I may or may not get. There is no way I’m getting involved with that until this is long sorted out and servers are stable.”

As an AH junkie and IRL entrepreneur, I’m finding all this fascinating.

What are your AH predictions? And are you buying gear on the Diablo AH yet?