Timelapse Guild Wars, Unwritten WoW Rules, and A Good DPS Deed

And finally, as always the weekend has thrown up some excellent links that were neither Diablo 3 related nor 30,000 words long, but are still very much worth a look!

  • In “Other Big Projects”, we’d file Project Tyria – a mammoth pictoral attempt to chronicle the changes in the land of Tyria from Guild Wars 1 to Guild Wars 2
  • The Ancient ponders the unwritten rules we’ve all seen at work in WoW“Rule #11 If you’ve been camping a rare spawn forever AND you’re also expecting an important phone call it will spawn in front of you just as the phone rings.”
  • And The Grumpy Elf is an unlikely angel of mercy for just-dinged 85s, as he gives us a stirring call to bring your DPS to a few undergeared Heroic runs“Believe it or not, you will make a huge difference and not just in that one run but in the community as a whole. Remember, people only complain when things go bad. Your damage could make sure that does not happen. You will be helping people with smoother runs which makes people happy and the community needs less hate in these dungeons and a little more happiness.”

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