The Newbie Blogger Initiative concludes an incredible month

I’d like to extend a big hand of congratulation to everyone who has participated in the Newbie Blogger Initiative this month!

For those few who haven’t heard – the NBI was started by veteran blogger Syp, aka Justin Olivetti, as a way to encourage new voices into the MMORPG community, and give them advice from respected veterans.

It has succeeeded astonishingly well, as Syp’s roundup of the new bloggers who’ve joined us attests. Over 100 new voices have joined the community, and dozens of experienced bloggers shared their knowledge and insight into how to do what we all love doing better.

Syp rounds the entire event off in his concluding NBI post:

“Starting out a blog is hard. It’s a lot like starting a serious exercise program: You can’t just fiddle about with it and hope to see results; you have to jump full-in, work through the pain and struggle of getting used to this new routine, and stick with it. New blogs require strong, regular injections of content, and then they require exposure to gain readers. The NBI was our answer to both of those: We would dole out advice as seasoned bloggers to the newcomers, and then lavish on them some link love. It wasn’t a guaranteed formula for a successful blog, but it was a major leg-up for anyone who’d want it.

So I thought, why not? I sketched down some thoughts and then started contacting bloggers, sometimes doing quite a bit of detective work to find an email address. I thought that out of the 60 or so that I contacted, we’d get a score on board. I had no idea if this idea would be poo-pooed or if it had merit, but I guess there was something to it, because just about everyone I emailed replied in the affirmative.”

It’s been fantastic to watch all the excitement and enthusiasm that the NBI has generated, and Justin/Syp deserves huge congratulations for pulling it all together. I look forward to reading many of the voices who have joined us for years to come.

And as a final note – if you are in Syp’s list of NBI bloggers, and you have an accessible RSS feed, we at the Melting Pot have added you to our feed reader and are reading everything you write! I’m looking forward to seeing all the cool stuff that the NBI produces – and welcome to the community.