The MMORPG Blogger Map is BACK!

Today is a day of great rejoicing, as finally Hugh has gotten off his ass and – yes – the MMORPG Bloggers Of The World Map is back!



For those who don’t know – the Blogger Map is something that we launched on the Melting Pot a while ago. It’s a map of the real-world locations – only down to town level, don’t worry – of many of the MMORPG bloggers you know, read and love! It was really popular when it was first launched, as it gives a great sense of what a community we all are, and where we are in the Really Real World – but when the redesign happened, it had Technical Problems and went offline for a while.

And now, as you may be able to tell, it’s back.

If you’re on the map, we now have a handy widgety-imagey-thing so that you can proudly announce the fact on your blog! And if you’re not on there yet – email us or comment with your details and we’ll do our best to get you on there within a few hours!

MMORPG Bloggers Of The World Map