TERA – the controversy and the lifespan

TERA’s not dying down in the controversy stakes – and today, two bloggers take on the difficult topic of what to think of TERA’s childlike, sexualised player character race. But is it actually any good as an MMORPG? According to Lono, it would appear not…

  • Klepsacovic at Troll Racials Are Overpowered isn’t exactly shying away from the controversy today as he wonders whether TERA is bad enough to take action against, in a piece entitled I Play WoW Because I Feel Violent Toward Minorities“It’s a common way to mock American culture, that a million gunshots are fine but a single nipple is unacceptably destructive to the psyches of our youth. But isn’t that what we’re seeing here? Kill a million trolls and that’s fine. But dress the aliens the wrong way and oh my god what is wrong with you you sick sick person!? “
  • Tobold is also wrestling with the same question – just how bad are TERA’s depictions?“If we argue that there is absolutely no risk that playing Grand Theft Auto or Mafia turns us into gangsters, then how do we justify the argument that depiction of sexualized children will turn us into perverts?”
  • Meanwhile, Lono has just given up on TERA, and not because of the controversy, but because he doesn’t find anything new about it“Unlike what some people like to pretend, setting and story are important features of a game. Mechanics are not the only important aspect. So while Tera has nice mechanics, the setting holds no interest for me whatsoever so I got bored as soon as the new car smell evaporated, I got bored.”

Have you tried TERA? What do you think of all this?