RealID Refusal, Laggy Hardcore, and Pictures!

And as the week draws to the close, here are a few more great links to round it all off – including, unsurprisingly, some mention of that “Diablo” game people seem to like…

  • Kurn talks about the reasons she’s turning off RealID for good, and how close it was to being an amazing addition rather than a burden“Even if all D3 and SC2 players are WoW players, that’s still over 10 million people who are automatically enrolled in this “social network”, although due to regional differences, not everyone can talk to everyone else. Still, that’s a ridiculous number of people playing these games with a built-in social network that’s on by default, where the only options are “use it (either freely or conservatively)” or “don’t use it at all”.”
  • Mighty Viking Hamster talks about the flaws with Diablo’s otherwise excellent Hardcore mode“First things first. Let me get the most glaringly obvious point out of the way. Diablo III requires an internet connection to play. This means lag. This means that you WILL die due to circumstances which are beyond your control. No internet connection is 100% reliable.”
  • Want a picture of your character? Vidyala’s selling extremely cheap original artwork services – check ’em out!
  • And if you haven’t read Cynwise’s superb “Decline and Fall of the Warlock In Cataclysm” yet, it’s now available in (free) ebook edition.

As I said in the Weekly Roundup email today (now with actual commentary from me, too!), I know a few people who are refusing to interact with the Battletags system at all because of their unfortunate social ramifications. I hope Blizzard come round on this one – I’d hate to see bad design undermine the promise of the system.

Are you Battletagging?