Don’t worry, we’ve not been hacked. (You can tell because I’m not repeating all my keywords again and again in this article.) But today, money, money, money – it is indeed a rich man’s virtual world.

With the Diablo 3 Auction House looming over us like an over-long sales letter, and the associated tide of Diablo 3 gold guides starting to break, everyone’s talking virtual finance. And with the Pathfinder MMORPG developers trying to get gamers to finance their tech demo, Hell ain’t the only place where it’s starting to look like greed is good.

Whether you want to know what the latest is on the virtual stock ticker, want to discuss just how ethical it is to ask fans to finance an internal demo, or just want some good old fashioned gold tips, the blogosphere’s got it for you today:

  • Ferrel at Epic Slant discusses Kickstarter, and specifically Pathfinder, in a post explaining why he’s not pitching in to fund his perfect MMO“In every way I am the person they are trying to entice. I was not enticed to donate. Why? It didn’t make sense to me. I realize some people will support the project just because it is Pathfinder but for me there are some issues with their strategy.”
  • Tobold’s extremely cynical about Diablo III gold guides, and in response has written a free Diablo 3 gold guide of his own – “Scammers will gladly promise you the secrets of making $25 per hour, if only you buy their Diablo 3 secret gold guide for $19.95. Only after you paid that will they tell you that they meant you’ll make $25 per week, of which you spend 1 hour on the auction house, not 40 times $25 for $1,000 per week. And all the tips in the gold guide will be so common sense, that I can tell you those secrets for free in this post.”
  • And Heartbourne at the Lorehound discusses the economics of Diablo 3 too, in an extremely interesting and figure-filled analysis of how its fee structures will play out“If there is some average level, like our 100g to the dollar example, I would prefer to trade in gold for cheaper transactions: I would rather receive 127.5 gold than $0.50 On the flip side, I would rather get paid in a balance than gold on the auction house above $2.60: even if I want gold, I can use the higher levels of money to buy more gold.”

Are you optimistic about Diablo 3 gold, or Kickstarter dollars? Or do you think one or the other is a scam?

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