Join The Discussion on Cross-Realm Zones and The WoW Black Market

Are you starting to get whiplash from all the no-warning announcements of how WoW is changing? Read on to get some context!

I’ll say this for Blizzard – they can do PR like no other MMO company. And they’re particularly good at the “They announced WHAT?” no-warning press release.

Over the last week, they’ve dropped two bombs on us – first, the news that Mists of Pandaria will feature levelling zones that are shared between realms, eliminating empty questing zones, and secondly, that MoP will also feature a “Black Market” selling limited numbers of items no longer available in the game.

Read on, and join us as we all try to figure out what it all means…

Cross-Realm Zones

  • Rapid Fire makes a case that these cross-realm zones won’t, in fact, benefit low population servers as much as Blizzard’s claiming“First off, if cities are exempt from this then my realm will still feel deserted because rarely are there more than 10-30 people in Stormwind (and I hear there’s even less people in Orgrimmar). This also means there’s literally 0 people in the other cities and in most zones and that that the Auction House feels a lot like the Neutral auction house, as in, pretty empty.”
  • And Big Bear Butt wonders just what the hidden purpose behind introducing this new technology really is“The idea is, you can have tons of space, but don’t open it up until the place is really jammed to capacity. People getting crunched in is better for overall business than a few people upset that they feel overcrowded. That’s why I think that this came mainly from think-tank discussions on how to entice and retain new players, not from a discussion on how to improve the game for the existing playerbase as a whole.”

The Black Market

  • Erinys at Harpy’s Nest addresses several issues around the new feature, including gold sinks and the memories that these items hold“Take Spike, my Iron-bound protodrake and favoured mount of Erinys. I got him when Ulduar was hard and every day I see people in trade chat making PuGs to go and do the achievements but that doesn’t take away from my experiences.”
  • And The Godmother of ALT:ernative considers the economic implications of the Market“I REALLY REALLY HOPE that everything you will buy on this AH will be soulbound. If it is, then I can see a lot of money moving out of the economy, and a move towards more competitive farming to obtain gold. I can also see a distinct increase in AH prices, and a need to farm pre-Expansion for gold as well as raw materials.”

And Finally

  • In an insightful post, Mushan asks just what the hell we’re going to call the new talent builds, anyway?“How will Larry tell Jim what his build is? Will he say, “Yeah man, I’m running with an ‘Evasive / Silence / Iron / Ready / Trans / Bind’ build for PvP, because it gives me a good amount of (whatever)?” I doubt it. That’s a lot to try to roll off the tongue.”

What do you think of these new features?