Is Guild Wars 2 too obsessed with boobs? (We already know TERA is)

New MMO TERA is already synonymous with ridiculous, massively-sexualised outfits for its female characters. But is Guild Wars 2 about to join it in that unwelcome sub-genre?

Amongst the reactions to Guild Wars 2 at the weekend were comments about the outfits for female characters, particularly starting characters. At the time, it might have seemed like a blip. But now, bloggers are really starting to react to GW2’s outfit choices, which appear to be pretty mono-dimensional for many female characters.

Is Guild Wars 2 going to join TERA in the list of “cheesecake MMOs”, or will it actually succeed in appealing to a female audience? Today, we’ve got a number of bloggers explaining exactly what appear to have gotten wrong – and right. Plus, Rohan of Blessing of Kings demonstrates just how ridiculously bad TERA’s chainmail bikini problem is:

  • Live Like A Nerd demonstrates, in a heavily pictoral post, just how bad (and one-sided) some of the class outfits in Guild Wars 2 get“Guild Wars 2 is all about the cheesecake and none of the beefcake. Ideally, for me you would at least have a toggle. I would want to be able to wear the male gear or robes in that style. But you can’t. In fact, you are locked into your mini-skirts.”
  • Sunnier at A Sunnier Bear shows that Guild Wars 2 sometimes gets it awesomely right, and sometimes (in a different example to the one above) gets it horribly wrong“Guild Wars 2 has a totally awesome physique selector. You get to choose from around eight body types. For charr, I could choose from a wide range of skinny or super built or thick necked and I loved it. For norn, you can choose between skinny+buff or skinny+not buff. Oh, and giant boobs for every single body-type.”
  • Spinks at Spinksville contrasts TERA, GW2, and PS3 game Dragon’s Dogma, and asks why only one of these game offers female characters the choice of skimpy or non-skimpy armour“See, I’m not against characters fighting in string bikinis or casting spells in belly dancer outfits, but I want it to be thematic and I want to have choices. Despite some of the clothing being quite skimpy, none of the characters actually looked like strippers. They looked like characters from fantasy art. I think that’s a powerful point to take away.”
  • And for your ROFL moment, Rohan at Blessing of Kings has been playing TERA, and offers us screenshots of what truly is an epic dungeon drop“The armor is just hilariously bad. It’s like it’s giving the monster a target to aim for. But somehow, instead of being annoyed at the armor, it just amuses me greatly.”

One thing I really don’t understand in all this is why game developers who want to add massive cheesecake boob armour to their games don’t take the time to actually get the anatomy right. I mean, it’s not like there isn’t a lot of reference material out there for artists to work from. But we still end up with anatomy from the superglued-melons school of character design.

Seriously, people, you couldn’t manage an afternoon of Safesearch=OFF Google Image Search?

Will GW2 fall, crushed under the weight of its own unrealistic mammaries? Or are its developers just being cynically accurate about their market?