GW2 uniqueness, Playing TERA Despite Everything, and more

Three really interesting links round off the day today – from Azuriel looking at just how different Guild Wars 2 actually is, to Bronte wrestling with the question of what an MMO is these days, here we go…

  • Chris at Level Capped is surprised to find that even given all the arguments against it, he’s willing to suspend his criticism to enjoy TERA“But I guess I’m tried of spending energy fighting – even passively – opportunities for enjoyment. I’ve decided that it’s not worth the cost to complain about lore, or about scantily dressed avatars, or animations, or systems, and to use those as excuses for why I’m going to pass on an opportunity that might be fun overall. “
  • Azuriel is fascinated by how Guild Wars 2 jumps in right on the controversial side of many old MMO arguments“I suppose it will come down to how important WvW ends up being to you – I don’t think it’s quite the killer app, as others might – but otherwise there is no other reason for you to “stay” on any particular server.”
  • And Bronte at Are We New At This is debating just what the label “MMO” means in this post-WoW era“Is it that you get to play with more than 30 people? Is it that there is a deeper sense of community through guilds/corporations/forces? Is it the ability to meet random people from around the globe with similar interests in gaming? Or is it something deeper?”

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