Guild Wars 2: How The AH Works, Playground or Themepark, and more

The Guild Wars 2 beta is showing, over and over again, that what we’ve got here is something genuinely new. It’s now 4 days after, and the discussions of individual points in the game design aren’t abating – in fact, they’re getting steadily more interesting.

We’ve got some really meaty pieces of discussion of the upcoming MMO today:

  • Ravious at Kill Ten Rats offers a fascinating look at the Auction House equivalent, which sounds like a whole lot of fun“Right click, sell at the trading post. There was a buy order on 8-slot jute bags for 54 copper, and the average market price of jute scraps hung around 10 copper each. It took 20 jute scraps to make an 8-slot bag. Yeah, right I thought… “
  • Werit asks whether World vs World PvP is really a part of the game where NPCs belong“Fighting in RvR will always be about the players since NPCs are usually little more than speedbumps. “
  • Cyndre, also at Kill Ten Rats, muses about how surprised him by offering an actual beta“I expected a Marketing Event, and was put-off by an actual beta testing phase.”
  • And Melmoth at Killed in a Smiling Accident wonders if GW2 has managed to be a “playground”, the perfect blend of themepark and sandbox“The Killers and the Socialisers can inhabit the same area and not necessarily get in each other’s way. Meanwhile, the Explorers can wander around discovering all the various parts of the playground (including that hole in the fence behind the bike sheds), and the Achievers can try to involve themselves in as many games as possible, flitting from one to the other without interfering with the game that is being played at the time.”

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