Four Cataclysmic Story Disappointments

Remember the Abyssal Maw? Remember how it was going to be a raid in Cataclysm?

Today Rades revisits the old promises – and the old, promising plot hooks – of Cataclysm, in an interesting look at the expansion that could have been

“Speaking of Deathwing, how about that smooth-talking, clever, sneaky, manipulative villain we all knew and loved from the old games and the novels, huh? I sure did enjoy the way Deathwing used his infamous guile and silver tongue in Cataclysm to twist alliances, turn friend against friend, and trick his enemies into doing his dirty work. And it was a great touch seeing his old fake identity, Lord Daval Prestor, make an appearance.

Oh, wait, that’s right. None of that happened, at all. He just burned things.

This is a CRIME, Blizzard! Deathwing’s personality in the novels was so good! A trickster, a spy, a master orator, and a puppet master, novel-Deathwing was always in control, had his claws in every pot and was playing ALL the sides. Call me crazy, but I LIKE an intelligent villain who’s got plots and schemes! And he had style, too. He might end up betraying you and roasting you with dragonfire, but dammit he’s going to deliver a witty line and dryly have a chuckle at your expense first.

But the Deathwing we saw in Cataclysm was a sad, sad shadow of his former self. We didn’t get ANY of his charm or flair, instead we just got…well, an angry dragon. I was (and am) incredibly disappointed that his character was so drastically gutted. ”

There are no exceptions here – everything that Rades highlights would have been a fantastic addition to an expansion that was somewhat anemic storyline-wise. And as usual, he does a fantastic job of bringing the stories and the characters to life, giving complexity and depth to the world of Azeroth.

It’s a pity that Cataclysm didn’t live up to this post. But on the upside, have a read through it, and you’ll be able to imagine, at least for a moment, the glory that might have been WoW’s third expansion…

What did you think of Cataclysm’s storyline?