Diablo 3 Post Roundup: General Impressions

So you want to know what the blogosphere reaction was to Diablo 3?

Let’s not waste any time then – heeeeeere we go!

TL:DR – Most people love it. A few are underwhelmed with the lack of novelty. Other than login woes, no real disappointments.

  • Keen and Graev offer 5 points they love and 5 points they don’t so much“Individual Loot: This has been a real joy. There isn’t a rush to pick up items when they drop. There isn’t this nagging fear that you might miss something. If something drops, it’s yours and you don’t have to worry about being too greedy or thinking about others.”
  • Lorehound offers us an entertaining in-character writeup of their first day – spoilerific but fun to read“Before I arrived at the inn I was stopped by a madman, he kept talking about this being the end of the world. Doomsayers always seem to crawl out of the woodwork when something bad happens, I gave the man no attention and walked towards the inn.”
  • Ben at Scribblings On The Asylum Wall thinks that Diablo 3 will fill the gap before Mists nicely“The story carried me along at a steady pace, and I enjoyed the voice-overs in substitution for just reading quest dialogue, although I imagine when both Suz and I are playing simultaneously that might be less than ideal.”
  • Ferrel at Epic Slant is underwhelmed by the game – he doesn’t hate it, he just doesn’t feel it’s enough“The core of the game, however, feels like Diablo 2. I haven’t seen anything that really improved upon that recipe. Blizzard took a good thing and continued it. There is value in that but with a 14 year development cycle it leaves me wondering what they did.”
  • Fulguralis at Killing ’em Slowly spent the night tied up in server woes, but still thinks the fuss over login issues was unwarranted“Not only did they want me to play a game simulating a fantastical hell on Earth, but they really wanted me to feel it as well. This, of course, is evidenced by the server failure just as I was getting going.”
  • The Ancient at Tome of the Ancient presents us with a first impressions post from the rare point of view of a total Diablo noob“Clicking to move was strange at first, I think not being able to change the camera angle was the hardest thing to get used to for me.”
  • Spinks writes a detailed and interesting post covering the first day as an overview“I was just getting really wound up by the templar’s gormtastic moralising and cheesy combat comments (eg. “Evil has been REBUKED!”) and thinking, “You know, what my barbarian really needs is a sleazy thief sidekick who’ll spend the whole time trying to hit on me and any female associates “ and sure enough, Blizzard obliged.”
  • Pathak / Malygos writes up impressions of the game, including the horror or lack therof“D1 was a little scary, and I didn’t get far in D2. I didn’t get far in the last Doom game, because of the lighting, and even Bioshock could only be handled in small amounts. So, I was expecting to be jumping out of my skin, but it hasn’t happened.”
  • No More Noob writes up general impressions including those of the game’s difficulty“Sure you’re going to start the first few levels pretty much man handling things…then you run into a pack of elite type monster with a sub boss and your crap habit of not clearing things behind you all of a sudden turns out to not be such a great idea. If you’re not careful you will die.”
  • Live Like A Nerd writes up a comprehensive first-impressions post, touching on story, online status, and a lot more“Of course, I was curious what others think about the game, and so I went and had a look at Metacritic. I wish I hadn’t looked. Metacritic is symptomatic for what’s wrong with gamers today. “

So – are you Diabloing tonight?