Diablo 3 Controversy Roundup: Freefall Auctions and Straightjacket Socialising

Diablo 3 is continuing to attract controversy, as discussion rages about its arm-twisting socialisation aspects, and the innovative worldwide auction house continues to develop.

Today we’re rounding up the latest commentary on the most controversial features of this semi-MMO:


  • Jim at Power Word Gold covers economy concerns he doesn’t share (RMT trading companies taking over) and concerns that he does – massive, rampant deflation“With no reason for “good” items to ever leave the game it would seem that as the supply increases the prices for both the Gold and Real-Money Auction Houses will only drop.”
  • Diminishing Returns also covers the apparent-inevitable downward spiral on the AH, as well as some of the ramifications of that spiral“It is now far cheaper to buy an item rather than craft it through the random blacksmithing process and it makes better financial sense to vendor magic items rather than salvage them for crafting materials.”
  • Is the AH cheating? Today Rohan is looking at the way that the deflated, over-supplied AH seems to trivialise game content“Outfitting your character through the Auction House really changes the game, at least in the beginning. The difficulty becomes much lower. I’m just rampaging through stuff with my Barbarian, and am really not playing it as if it is hardcore. “

Social Elements

  • Covering both socialisation and AH elements, Stubborn at Sheep the Diamond is concerned by AH trivialisation, but wonders if we’re just being too damn polite social-wise“I don’t have compunctions about telling my friends – and they are friends, people I’ve known in the real world for years – this, because I know they’ll respect my decision, regardless of whether they understand it. That’s what real friends do, and why they’d help move the bodies.”
  • Meanwhile, Glow at Glow’s Branches is amazed at the fact that Diablo enforces socialisation, but doesn’t offer good tools to do it with“Sure, as a group we all swapped BattleTAGs on our WoW guild forums, and looked forward to playing together in D3. But now that we’re in D3, there is absolutely no way to chat together as a ‘guild’. “

What do you think? Are the AH or the social aspects of Diablo fine?