Controversy Monday – PLEX, clothing and ‘chieves

Want to know where we’re at with the discussion of EVE’s PLEX as cheating, with TERA and GW2’s arguably-inappropriate female clothing, or with the ongoing issue of WoW’s upcoming account-bound achievements?

Yep, it’s Controversy Monday, where we check in with the debates that are still resounding in the blogosphere!


Last week, a discussion broke out as to whether EVE’s developer-approved real money transfer system, PLEX, was actually cheating. Over the weekend, the discussion continued…

  • Azuriel of In An Age finds the entire discussion is talking about an EVE that doesn’t exist“Rohan and Gevlon’s arguments have such shapely contours because they imitate the elegance of Plato’s Forms: the “pure” EVE is such, and self-contained. But it’s not. Other people exist, and the relationships can cross over between in-game and out-of-game.”
  • Rohan at Blessing of Kings draws a line under his participation by talking about the good that PLEX does for the game“It induces liquidity in the markets, causing ISK to be spent instead of hoarded. It decreases the effect of unsafe third party RMT in Eve. It allows the producers to avoid spending money on subscriptions.”

Exploitative Costume

Many of the upcoming crop of MMORPGs seem to have a … selective attitude to clothing on their female characters, or the lack of same. Discussion last week focussed on Guild Wars 2, but TERA continues to be an issue in the background…

  • Syl at Raging Monkeys discusses the ways in which TERA’s disturbingly child-like race has and hasn’t been de-sexualised“Whether you agree that the Elin are children/infantilized characters or not, whether you agree or disagree if sexualization is a concern in video games – what bugged me the most about this whole charade is the way it got handled. “
  • In the first of two short posts, Klepsacovic of Troll Racials Are Overpowered wonders just what all these sexualised characters are doing in his game about violence“Let’s imagine the reverse, that World of Sexcraft is a popular online game where players control avatars which have sex. This probably exists but that is not a search history that I want to have. Within this game would it make any sense for the armor to have severed heads as kneepads and knives as sex toys? “
  • And in his second post, Klepsacovic also asks what exactly the “perfect body” in these games is perfect for – _“

    There’s nothing wrong with the “perfect body”, except when said perfect bodies mean that male characters appear capable of standing up to danger while the female is helpless, but sure looks great doing it.”_

Account-Wide Achievements

Account-wide achievements are live in the latest version of Mists of Pandaria, and while last week we heard from people who feel the idea’s really bad, over the weekend several bloggers were quite excited by it:

  • Morrighan at Caer Morrighan argues that the Account-Bound Achievements could actually give us more to do“For example – you currently have an achievement to level a toon to 85. Each toon has that achievement and each time you level a toon to 85. What if, instead, you had an achievement that counted the number of toons leveled to 85? “
  • Apple Cider Mage is enthusiastic about cross-account mounts“As someone who has a mount habit that spans several characters, this means that all my characters get to benefit from whatever my main does, especially when it comes to getting to ride around on bad-ass mounts.”
  • And Big Bear Butt is also – well, “excited” may not be a strong enough word“This… this changes everything. Now, I actually have a REASON to go out on my Druid and hunt for moar mounts. I have an excuse to go run through old instances, farm rep, and do all the things that I like doing anyway.”

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