An underplayed MMO, SWTOR’s missing pieces, and single player MMOs

Vanguard has waited a while for it, but as it approaches Free-To-Play it’s finally getting some excellent press.

Today we discover from a die-hard fan just what it has to offer, plus a hardcore SWTOR fan expounds on what it’s missing, and a hardcore LoTRO fan explains what he would like to see…

  • Why play Vanguard, one of the worst-received MMOs in recent history? Karen Bryan at Massively explains why she loves the game“In Vanguard, the things we accomplished felt legendary, and it never felt like we were on a hamster wheel, spinning as fast as possible so we could get to 50.”
  • Lono at Screaming Monkeys enjoys SWTOR, but nonetheless explains some of the key things he feels are holding the massive MMO back“It’s not normal that in 2012 a game with average graphics like Swtor can have so many issues with its engine. It’s slow, there are bugs and performance in general is poor even on high-end machines.”
  • Azuriel at In An Age discusses the concept of a “single-player MMO”, and asks whether MMOs really can be great single-player experiences“The vast majority of MMO players today are single-player MMO, erm, players. Less than 20% of WoW players raid; what are the other 80% doing? How many EVE players never make it out of high-sec space or never engage in consensual PvP? “
  • And Shipwreck at A Casual Stroll To Mordor writes an impassioned and well-argued piece on why LoTRO should offer subscribers an ad-free version of the game“There are countless examples of this model out on the internet: you get the free version for free because it has limited functionality and you are subjected to advertising; when you start to pay your subscription, the ads go away. Hulu, Spotify, Amazon’s Kindle, and countless iOS apps utilize this idea. “

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