WoW – Sometimes, Things Just Go Wrong

Whilst WoW in general is less highly-regarded these days than it was at its height, it’s safe to say that there have always been things to love and things to hate about it. Today, several bloggers are picking up on its down points – and whilst none of them is arguing that WoW is entirely awful, they’ve all got some interesting things to say:

  • Rades waxes lyrical in a rare annoyance post, discussing how dissatisfied he is with Aggra’s completely emotionless face“I sure can’t wait until the final Mists cinematic where we see Thrall deliver a sad speech about Garrosh’s downfall and what it means to the Horde and etc., while Aggra is standing at his side, gazing out at the crowd with her dead, soulless gaze. “
  • Matthew Rossi at WoW Insider takes on a question that has been bouncing around since Mists – did flying mounts ruin Azeroth?“If immersion is a design goal, then soaring over the clouds definitely can be seen as ruining that immersion.”
  • The Grumpy Elf takes on the big question, asking “Was Cataclysm that bad?” – and comes up with a surprising, controversial answer“The number one problem with cataclysm was not a problem with design at all, it was a problem with over estimating the ability of the average player to work in a group setting while partnered with random people.”
  • And finally, Doone at T.R. Redskies has been trying the Pandaria beta, and is tired of being treated like a child“Ever since the crossover from accessibility to triviality, those currently making the game have long forgotten what it is to be approachable and to be trivial to the point of pointlessness. The game is increasingly patronizing.”

What do you think? Is Pandaria patronising? Did flying mounts diminish the world?