What DO you do when you’ve hit the endgame?

I’m one of the many people who has been following Bravetank’s trip from Level 1 to Level 85 with interest and fellow feeling – but finally, the inevitable has happened. She’s hit level 85.

Bravetank, it may be noted, is such a refreshing writer partially because she’s new to WoW – so, wheras the endgame and its malaise and change in playing style may be totally obvious to us old hands, for her, it’s new. And that’s what makes her post about it so very interesting, as she struggles to figure out what to do next – seeing a problem so familiar as to become invisible through entirely fresh eyes

“You know when X Files used to have monster of the week episodes and then other more absorbing (in my opinion) arc episodes involving Mulder’s sister, black oil and a man smoking some cigarettes? Well that’s what it’s like. I’m on a constant treadmill of monster of the week stories but the cohesive absorbing nature of the arc- the levelling arc- has gone now that I’m 85.

I miss the excitement of it all – the goals, the discoveries, the newness. I’m aware I sound like a bored partner at a counselling session but at least I’m not sniping about toilet seat transgressions. What can I do to get the thrill back? It’s the 7 day itch here – 7 days since hitting 85 (totally not – much longer- but I’m going with the 7 year itch theme regardless).

Help me. Please. Below is my daily WoW routine. How can I insert some magic into it to stop me waltzing off and having a thing on the side with the Sims?

  1. Log on & drag my sorry ass over to Rokk for my day’s work. Grit my teeth as I make him yet another bowl of spiritual soup and blindly hit my keys looking for the “kill Rokk” button I know is hidden there somewhere when he once again fails to give me the chocolate cake recipe.”

For most of us, the loss of that levelling feeling is so old now as to have become invisible. But Bravetank’s vivid depiction of the sudden lack of purpose at 85 brings it all to the forefront.

What would you recommend a new player who has just hit 85 do? Other than raid with a guild or go for hardcore PvP? Achievements? Professions? What’s as involving and rewarding as the levelling experience? Or is it just a case of “start an alt, or start another MMO”?