‘Twas the Night before Guild Wars 2…

It’s Guild Wars 2 beta weekend this weekend, and I’m reckoning Monday will either be crazy busy or totally silent on the ‘Pot. Already, the community’s gearing up for it – but don’t worry, we’ve got some non-GW2 content too, to end the week…

  • Hunter’s Insight offers a tremendously useful guide to naming your GW2 character in accordance with lore“The most important thing to know about charr names is that the surname is divided into two parts. The first part is the name of your warband. So if you belong to the Swift warband, your surname could be Swiftblade or Swiftknife.”
  • Keen and Graev, aware that they’re sometimes accused of hyping, discuss their expectations for GW2 in detail“From everything I’m told, GW2 PvE is fairly easy in the sense that you level fast and effortlessly. That’s good and bad. If it feels meaningless, then it’s a chore. I’m expecting the PvE to be fun and engaging enough that regardless of difficulty it’s going to entertain me and keep me wanting to log back in.”
  • Navimie at The Daily Frostwolf offers a detailed look at what to do when you or your fellow raiders are suffering meter envy“You can imagine how he feels – no mater how hard you try, you won’t be as good as the other, and yet you worry you try your best, and the other person thinks elitist things like “OMG, look at you, you are trying your best and you STILL can’t beat me!””
  • And if you’re feeling a bit lost post-1.2 in SWTOR, All For The Wookie has compiled a compendium of links to help you out“There are some amazing posts out there that can help you, me, and everyone else understand some of the most important things the patch has given us and how they work.”

Have a great weekend, and we’ll see you on Monday – when there are some exciting new things coming for the Pot! (Assuming things run to plan, of course.)

Enjoy the weekend!