The AARGH TOO MUCH GOOD STUFF weekend roundup

And here’s our regular Monday evening roundup of the rest of the great blog posts from the weekend. Except it’s not, quite.

See, this weekend has been particularly fruitful in the blogosphere – to the point that even with three multi-link posts, we’ve not been able to fit everything in without firing a “MoP announcement roundup”-sized link post at you! So, instead, I’m going to be running a couple of the really great posts from the weekend later in the week.

So, that means you get a mere seven great links today:

  • Peregrina at Piercing Shots writes a superb post on just why you shouldn’t be worried to report or ticket offensive behaviour“All we’re doing when we put in a ticket is bringing something to their attention. Nothing more than a “hey, you should take a look at this.””
  • Thinking of starting EVE? Cyndre at Kill Ten Rats explains why his experiences, as a self-confessed MMO masochist, may not be the norm“Please be excited about Eve, and keep following my adventures if they interest you, but be careful not to ruin your own experience by following in the footsteps of a jaded old MMO vet hell-bent on breaking every last ship that can be flown in New Eden.”
  • The Ancient Gaming Noob writes a great post about the MMO features he’d like all MMOs to steal from their originators“For those who haven’t played Rift, there is a little button at the bottom of the vendor tab that allows to sell all your gray named drops, stuff that is clearly trash, in one fell swoop. And once you have this button, not having it in another game feels like a huge burden. “
  • Tales of the Rampant Coyote offers a detailed and very readable summary of what’s going on with the games industry, Kickstarter, and the role of publishers“Publishers can still dominate on the mass-market front… that’s what they are built for. But these other aspects of their business, especially on smaller scales, are no longer so easy to dominate.”
  • Gordon at We Fly Spitfires writes an insightful piece on Blizzard’s WoW strategy and how it means they keep more players“I think the real key to holding onto players is in giving them a variety of compelling, by otherwise rather inconsequential, sub-games to occupy themselves with. This is something Blizzard does very, very well and, if the feature list in Mists of Pandaria is anything to go by, they’ve certainly come to realise the power it holds.”
  • Syl at Raging Monkeys brings up a feature request I’d never thought of – the ability to turn targeting highlights off in MMOs“What is it with the white frame all around my target? I have eyes and a target window popping up – I can already see what I got targeted! It doesn’t matter if they are white, green or any other shade; full-body target highlights are obtrusive, ugly and unnecessary!”
  • And Are We New At This spotlights a fantastic-sounding new cross-realm raiding community – OpenRaiding“It is an invaluable tool, one that already has over 20,000+ users, and you should get on board while you can!”

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