SWTOR Raiding Primer, Cows, and Badass Shorties

And in the final post of this week’s weekend roundup, the selection is… eclectic. We’ve got everything from inappropriate cow players in Eric’s in-development MMO to Syl waxing lyrical about badass short races – let’s get going.

  • Eric at Elder Game has been debugging the “Cow Curse” in his new MMO, which turns out to be far more complex and, well, dirty, than expected“First, I’m not sure I want newbie players to be accosted by other players roleplaying talking cows, saying “here, drink my milk, newb”. It’s a little unsettling to think about drinking milk that came out of another player. And the notion of higher-quality milk takes us further down that rabbit hole.”
  • Rowan at I Have Touched The Sky is still uncertain about what SWTOR’s game time giveaway says about their values“Sctrz had schoolwork far more important than any videogame, while I have had some time both at home and while away on business to play plenty of SWTOR. She eneded up playing quite a bit over the course of the week, and I never really got back on Serise to level her any further. Right now, Sctrz’ Legacy is almost 4, I believe. She just isn’t that valuable to EA BioWare.”
  • Syl at Raging Monkeys writes a fascinating essay on the past, present and future of the portrayal of short races in MMORPGs “Why should short races not be inherently evil? Badass, scary and intimidating? Aggressive and combative even? Well, a first and second look at Guild Wars’ Asura has me filled with hope in this department.”
  • And Lono at Screaming Monkeys writes a useful explanation of what SWTOR raiding is like compared to WoW“The big difference between the two games boss fights is that Swtor loves to mix up the roles and tasks during the same fight. Dps might have to tank, healers might have to operate mechanism while a tank might have to run to press on switches.”

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