Prepare Perfectly Predicting Pandaren Packrat Pandemonium

I’ve seen long guides. I’ve seen multi-part guides. But for some time now I’ve not seen anything quite as sweeping – outside Elitist Jerks, anyway – as The Godmother’s massive, massive guide to getting yourself 100% prepared for Pandaria when it arrives.

As regular readers will know, we tend to only feature guides on the Pot when they’re both general-interest for a game, and truly extraordinary in depth. For the last few weeks, The Godmother at ALT:ernative has been plugging away at a truly comprehensive guide to everything a WoW player can possibly do to give themselves a head start in Pandaria. From tips on getting ahead of the pack in levelling (thus guaranteeing yourself quiet levelling pastures) to reserving your Pandaren name, she’s got everything covered

“We can try and make some educated guesses, even with the little professions information we have on how the new recipes might fit in. Even with the best will in the world, you’re going to struggle in the early days against everyone else gathering new mats. Even if the Charscale Leg Armour above doesn’t give five skill points when you learn the Zen Mastery it’s an item that people should still be able to use, and the mats are not hopelessly difficult to currently stockpile/obtain. Look at individual professions and try and make a small pile of materials that could give you that first five point advantage, and that you could then sell on to someone else. If you don’t think your profession has anything to offer, look again. In the first few weeks you’ll be amazed what sells, especially when people can’t afford the high prices of new items.

Remember that Volatiles may get very, very cheap as we count down to Expansion release, and may be worth picking up for recipes. Scribes will really want to make sure they have a nice stack of mats to restart their Minor Inscription Research. Jewelcrafters and Alchemists might wish to take advantage of their specialist transmutes for skill ups… oh and EVERYONE KEEP 2 STACKS OF EMBERSILK TO LEVEL FIRST AID. Needless to say, once recipes are active on trainers in beta, I’ll let you know a better idea of what might be sensible items to keep aside. Let’s hope it doesn’t change from beta to live. ”

I suspect that we might be a bit early in the game to start hardcore panda prep just yet, but for when that time does come, I’d bookmark the Pandaren Preparation Program right now. Even given my in-depth knowledge of the game and experience of three expansions now, there were a fair number of tit-bits that I’d forgotten about or not considered, and a couple of competely new tips that I’m storing away.

I’ll certainly be coming back to this one come MoP – and it’s well worth a read now.

How are you planning to prepare for Pandaria?