Pet Battles, Smart Games, and Problematic Evil

As is often the case, two big discussions have overshadowed the blogosphere today, but there have been a number of great posts on non-server, non-equality related topics too! So, whether it’s pet battles, unpopular warlocks or brainy games, read on…

  • Cynwise addresses the problem of evil today, asking whether Warlocks are unpopular because they’re never the good guy“Warlocks are either necromancers, crazy conjurers, or wizards who crossed the line with the Dark Arts. They have their own place in a fantasy setting, but not as heroes. So it’s difficult, at character creation, to see how this character would appeal to a broad base of players.”
  • Shintar rounds up her experience with the Rakghoul plague event in SWTOR“I do hope that we’ll see more events like this in the future, though for now I could do with some quiet time to recover and actually focus on the main 1.2 content properly.”
  • The Grumpy Elf is feeling wierdly non-grumpy today as he finds himself suddenly interested in pet battles in WoW“So being there are wild pets to catch, achievements to earn, levels to level up and challenges to win it seems pet battles have suddenly piqued my interest. I’m starting to look forward to something I had really no intention of giving a crap about.”
  • And finally, The Brainy Gamer is asking for our help in making a list of the smartest, most thought-provoking games around“It’s hard not to see Taylor Clark’s recent Atlantic essay as a sharp slap in the face to all of us who don’t believe all video games are “juvenile, silly, and intellectually lazy” and aren’t peering at the horizon awaiting the “Citizen Kane of video games.””

What do you think is the brainiest game you’ve played lately?