Of Warchief Choices, MMO one-off events, and cliches in blogging

I’ve spent most of the day engaging in surgery on my main PC, which after a mighty battle with the dreaded Beeping Beast of Motherboard Fail now runs faster than the Roadrunner on competition-illegal performance enhancers. But no fear – as I mentioned yesterday, the weekend was overflowing with cool posts, and I’ve managed to grab half an hour to check out the latest on the blogosphere too:

  • Out Of Beta writes a scholarly piece pointing out meaningless terms that bloggers and forum posters use far too often“”I find the Death knight final tier of talents to be lackluster.” Well we clearly understand that the writer finds them uninteresting, but as a reader or developer you’ve really learned nothing aside from a person’s opinion.”
  • Ceraphus at Variant Avatar expresses concern with the Ji Firepaw changes, worried that it might have a chilling effect on the range of NPCs game developers create in future“I am concerned about the future of games where even the most minor of infraction towards a person’s color, sexual orientation or race could spark outrage from some members of the community, without them looking at what type of character the writers are trying to create and develop. “
  • Shintar at Going Commando and Spinks at Spinksville both recount their experiences and offer tips on the ongoing live event in SWTOR, the Rakghoul Plague.
  • And finally – are the only choices for Warchief Thrall or Garrosh? The Renaissance Man writes a really fascinating article analysing all the Horde’s Warchiefs, explaining why he feels Thrall is a bad choice to return, and offering some alternative suggestions“The only thing that separates Thrall from the multitude of failed despots that his race has produced is his upbringing among humans. What does that say about orcs? Is that really the message that Blizzard wants to send? “

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