Massive Math, Missing Community and Jumping In Whirlpools – Friday WoW roundup

The MMO community’s in a calm before the storm right now, with numerous titles – The Secret World, Diablo III, Guild Wars, and of course Mists of Pandaria – all looming ponderously over us, threatening to drop at any minute.

As a result, I think, it’s been a quiet week after a busy start. Still, there are a few cool pieces out there today, from a scary, scary demonstration of what top-end theorycrafting actually looks like, to a tip for Something Neat To Do In WoW you might not be aware of…

  • Theck has released a series of uber-mathsy posts on Paladin block values in MoP – and it’s interesting reading just to get an idea of the scale and complexity of the work that goes into theory guides“With 10,000 minutes of combat, the Monte Carlo manages to match G and S to the analytical model to three decimal places. R_{\rm HPG} differs slightly in the fourth decimal place, but T_{\rm SotR} is a little bit higher than the 6.4 predicted by the analytical model. “
  • Cyndre at Kill Ten Rats looks back at the roots of server community in Ultima Online, and how things have changed so much between then and WoW“Now as it stood, my friends were present in both Guilds, and many of us played both sides of the fence, but we stayed true to the roleplaying of the fact and there was never collusion. It felt real, it felt geniune and every choice, every action, even your name, mattered.”
  • And finally Cymre of Bubbles of Mischief points out a neat little feature in Darkshore – the whirlpool that teleports you away“Jumping into it starts a short cutscene of your toon being sucked into the whirlpool. You end up in the Bashal’Aran Collapse where a lone Cenarian Circle druid sits by the waters edge.”

Have a great weekend, and if you’ve enjoyed these posts, please do share them!