Life In EVE – The Pleasant Present and the Storm That’s Coming

With WoW winding down pre-expansion, several MMOs are rapidly picking up more interest – and much to my surprise, one of them’s the ultra-hardcore PvP simulationist space MMO EVE Online. Several prominent bloggers are currently writing about their experiences in EVEspace, and there’s some really interesting stuff coming out from it.

First up, whilst The Ancient Gaming Noob has been EVEing for a while now, his latest post about the near future of EVE has interest and implications outside the game itself, as it touches on the Goonswarm’s reaction to their leader, the Mittani, being banned for 30 days – plus an upcoming change to the economy and TAGN’s prediction of the interaction of the two –

“The first event, the burning of Jita, is being cast as a “Free The Mittani” party and is scheduled to coincide with the lifting of his 30 day ban from the game on April 28th.

Anyway, this Jita event was originally scheduled as a celebration should The Mittani receive more than 10K votes in the CSM elections, but after he was banned, it became a welcome back event. And a test.

The supposed test being to see who CCP will react to this sort of thing. If it goes off without hindrance from CCP, EVE will be declared to be the same old EVE (for good or ill, depending on your point of view), while if CCP does step in to limit or otherwise block some or all of the event, it will be a sign that there is a new world order in EVE Online.”

One of the things that’s really fascinating about EVE – from a safe distance – is that it’s the first time a virtual world has ever seen an in-game struggle for dominance. Normally, we’d assume that the developers of a game are effectively Gods of that world, but as the Mittani and the Goonswarm’s case shows, it’s more complicated than that.

But people keep telling me that EVE’s not all about high-level politics and PvP that’s more entertaining to read about than participate in – and Flosch of Random Waypoint makes a good dent in proving that with his recent posts about life as a n00b in EVE University. Today, he writes about the experience of taking lessons in EVE U – and subsequently making mistakes with what he’s learned…

“After two jumps, our scout reported unusually high activity in the low-sec system we wanted to visit as part of the training. Ooooh, pirates! We gotta shoot pirates?

Sadly, no. It turned out that, while we weren’t quite sure what exactly was going on, it was definitely a size or two too large for our fleet. There were a carrier, another capital ship, and a lot of support gathered in that system. It seemed they were quite nervous when they realized there was a 45-people fleet sitting one system over – we got the occasional scouts checking in on what the hell we were doing sitting at that gate.”

EVE continues to be a fascinating environment. I’m not sure I want to venture back into it any time soon, but it’s probably the most interesting and in some ways most advanced MMO out there, and I’m always keen to see what happens next…

Have you used the lull to check out EVE?