Helpful Hints, Awful Animations and Bad Asses

It’s been a quiet day today, but the Summer of MMOs is still revving up behind the scenes. And so, in today’s linkpost we’ve got focusses on a number of new MMOs – including neither WoW, nor SWTOR, nor EVE.

Truly, it’s a new era.

  • Syp at Bio Break is perplexed by TERA’s truly awful-sounding ad campaign“As a gamer, I guarantee that you will identify with anyone and everyone in these commercials except for Bas. Unless, of course, you’re a Dutch martial artist who looks like the stereotype of every geek-kicking jock come to life.”
  • With the Guild Wars 2 beta events coming up, Ravious at Kill Ten Rats offers ten handy hints for the many players new to the game“Basically for 2 of the 3 racial starting areas we’ve seen, it is chaos. Ghosts popping out of nowhere in the charr area, centaurs running amok throughout a human starting area, and norn standing around their forest picking their ears while players hunt. Don’t fret!”
  • And T.R. Redskies presents a dire warning to Funcom, who appear to be in imminent danger of screwing their new MMO, The Secret World, right up“You’re about to ruin the promise of this game with animations and cripple a very critical feature of your game by requiring Facebook. I don’t know what Facebook has paid you to make you force fans to register over there, but I warn you that the price isn’t going to be worth it when your game is failing like Age of Conan.”

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