Guest Post: An eventful week in and outside of EVE Online

This is a guest post whilst Hugh’s away on holiday

Originally, I tried to put together something more light-hearted, but as a player who has recently tried to get into EVE yet again, last week’s events in that game have been unsettling. If you happened to live under a rock for a few days, Hugh had a good roundup explaining the latest in EVE madness here. Things haven’t stopped since then.

  • First, CCP came out and banned The Mittani for 30 days. This also means he is ineligible to sit on the next CSM, for which votes had just closed days ago.
  • Stabs points out that there are players that make sure the wave of disgust won’t die down easily. First, he tries to discuss the unsavory use of the word “mega-jew” for “rich trader” on the EVE forums, with predictable results“I hope we as a community can clear our act up. It’s only a matter of time before someone reports an Eve Youtube as a racially aggravated public order offence and the police get involved.”
  • Then, he notices that now the pendulum swings into the other direction, and The Mittani’s family is getting publicly threatened“Surely it’s time to call the police. Does someone have to die before people wake up to the fact that this activity is not purely virtual?”
  • If this trend continues to spin out of control, Tobold might have been on to something when he talked about the future of free-for-all PvP“People will continue to play free-for-all PvP games which encourage bad behavior. Cyber-bullying will continue. At some point some bullied player will actually commit suicide, leave a letter explaining why, and his relatives will file a lawsuit. […] Game companies that can be shown to have encouraged cyber-bullying, or at least not sufficiently intervened, will get into legal trouble.”
  • Azuriel of In An Age notices that CCP actually has many possibilities to curtail such behavior right in their Terms of Service“So, on a whim, I decided to check EVE’s Terms of Service. And I don’t even recognize what game they believe it’s for. […] Did I pick the wrong ToS? This is for EVE – EVE – right?”
  • Thankfully, not everybody in EVE seems to be out of their mind right now. Ripard Teg, a candidate for last year’s CSM, shows that all it takes sometimes is to acknowledge other opinions as valid, even if you may not agree (a lesson all of us bloggers should take to heart!) – “In my “Hats” post, I essentially went to bat for Mittens and argued why he shouldn’t be removed from CSM7. This Anonymous comment gave the most succinct reasoning why the commenter felt CCP’s actions were correct. […] And yeah, I have to admit that’s a really good way of putting it, and makes a quite valid counter-argument.”

What do you think next week will bring in the ever-turning wheel of EVE?

This was a guest post by the always-interesting Flosch of Random Waypoint – if you enjoyed this, check out his blog for more!