Guest Post: 3 Voices To Follow

This is a guest post whilst Hugh’s away on holiday

I’ve been gaming since my early teens, which means I’m approaching thirty years of pushing buttons on keyboards. This makes me somewhat of an ‘Old Timer’ compared with a lot of you young whippersnappers other gaming types… it also means reading about my interests is sometimes more important than actually playing them. I am constantly adding to my Blogroll, and although there are always people I come back to again and again, I have begun to actively seek out new people on a daily basis. All these individuals possess distinct and enjoyable voices, whose opinions I love to listen to and whose personalities have become as much a part of my gaming experience as the MMO’s themselves. I can’t list them all (or we’d be here for a week), but I have three of the best to share with you.

Enough gabbing, let’s get to it!

If you asked me to nominate my favourite Blogger, after a great deal of due care and deliberation I’d have to say that Ratshag wins hands down. Need More Rage is unlike any other Warcraft blog I read, and frankly long may this continue, because there needs to be more actual characters writing blogs than real people (what do you mean, you people aren’t real?) As a perfect example of his unique style, Rat has his own distinct take on the question doing the rounds of the Warcraft Lorefiends: ‘Does Garrosh deserve to die?’ When put like that, frankly, death means that Garrosh gets off lightly…

Then I have to tip my cap to The Grumpy Elf. He’s another utterly distinct voice, and one which (quite frankly) isn’t best pleased sometimes. I don’t blame him either, playing Warcraft can often be a mug’s game. However even when he’s living up to his moniker he has a lot of extremely intelligent and thought-provoking posts, and nothing is beyond his critical eye. Don’t be deceived by his long and detailed posts either, it really is worth taking the time to immerse yourself in these trains of thought. There’s always something that makes you think (well, there is for me) He got an invite in the post too: sadly, Gromit, it was The Wrong Beta :(

Finally I have to mention Decoding Dragons. I’ve stalked followed Pewter for a while, and would like to make sure her relaunched site gets as much exposure as possible. She was the person who introduced me to the term ‘Geek Feminism’ for which I doubt I will ever find the opportunity to properly thank her for. Her site is the absolute right mix of news, opinion and thought-provoking individuality. I’m glad people like Pewter are about because it means that people like me don’t need to feel uncomfortable being what we know we are. Posts like this one only serve to reinforce that this is a site to get immersed in, and that dares you to think.

There are tons more places I hang out in, and many, many people who make my online experience a constantly enjoyable one. If you’d like to know who else I read/follow, there’s a handy Blogroll link on my own homepage.

*This was a guest post from The Godmother, who blogs at ALT:ernative on the MoP beta and the trials of having many, many alts!**