Easter Weekend WoW Roundup

It’s still the biggest thing in the MMORPG sphere, and with the Mists of Pandaria beta out there, it’s bubbling away like crazy.

So, for our second Easter Weekend roundup, here’s what’s cooking in the world of WoW’s blogosphere…

  • Elkagorasa the Casual has a really useful guide I’d never thought of – 5 short points to consider if you’re trying to decide whether to play the MoP beta“Beta is not on the regular maintenance window. Major enough bug, you may have to download all 25gb again. I just downloaded a 3GB patch since last week. “
  • Matticus tested out the Elitist Jerks paid membership for guild recruitment, and had very mixed impressions“My option for renewal is going to come up fairly soon within the next month. Right now, I don’t think I will be exercising the option to renew it until we get closer to Mists release.”
  • Rades at Orcish Army Knife highlights an excellent piece of subtle storytelling in Outland – “These weren’t some retirees that Danath Trollbane recruited to bolster his ranks – these were the young, brave soldiers of the Alliance that went through the Dark Portal all those years ago to fight the Horde, and they’ve been stuck here fighting ever since. “
  • Regular readers in particular will be interested to hear that Bravetank has finally reached 85, and ventured into LFR for the first time“I just don’t know what people expect from LFR. I know it’s annoying when people don’t listen – but say something it’s worth listening to then. Telling people to “Sell the game” is uncalled for. “
  • On a similar note, Big Bear Butt has experienced the horror of LFR many times, but still discovered new dimensions to the depravity when he signed up for the first time as a healer“I never could have imagined the impact lazy DPS and tanks have on a healer in LFR. I’m not saying the groups wiped, I’m just saying people doing stupid shit like killing EVERY DAMN TENTACLE on the Spine of Deathwing and spawning every possible add SUCKS.”
  • Aldous the Boozekin has finally gotten some help. No, not for what you might think – instead, he’s joined Transmoggers Anonymous“You know that rush? When you get that second piece, and that third piece. Each one giving you a little bit more. After five or six and it’s all starting to come together… mmmmm that’s the best. When you’re so close you can feel it.”
  • And finally, Prazdha at Piercing Shots has a really interesting piece up – exploring how to research, develop and construct a usable DPS rotation from the ground up“You can see how I’m building all of this up in layers. I started with assembling the DPS skeleton, added on the other abilities in a manner that made intuitive sense to me, and finally picked talents that would complement the choices I’d already made. When you write it all up later it might seem complex and arcane, but it’s really not!”

How was your WoW Easter Weekend?