And in MMO News You Probably Hadn’t Heard – megaphones have been taken out of Guild Wars 2.

Previously, a megaphone item would allow players to communicate with everyone on their server – much like WoW’s global chat channels of old. And much like the aforementioned global chat channels, it would appear that, in any MMO in which they appear, they lend themselves to misuse.

So, dumping them’s pretty unequivocally a good idea, then? Well, not so fast. Hunter’s Insight has been considering the issue, having experienced megaphones in Runes of Magic, and has concluded that there may actually have been good reasons to keep them in the game

“The megaphone is a painful and irritating device but my god the fun you can have marveling at the drama of others. Thinking back to some of the things said and behaviour displayed, I laugh.

It gave me good stories to tell, camaraderie with my friends, a laugh now and then, and frankly yes I got to know the people on my server through it. For all the good and bad that resulted in.”

This is a pretty short think piece of a post, and it certainly got me thinking. Is it possible that some of the elements of the game that are most frequently decried, like WoW’s trade chat, actually serve to cement the community together?

We most commonly talk about in-game inconvenience as something that appears simple to get rid of but actually has far-reaching consequences – the LFD tool versus community-led grouping, for example. But maybe there’s a case for items and channels that allow expression, even if it isn’t good expression, too?

What do you think?