A Week of Hugging Developers Wraps Up

Let’s face it, would any of us really want to be a game developer – or even worse, an MMO developer? Sure, it’s a cool job, but would the pressure, the long hours, and the intense amount of hatred directed at you by the Internet for almost any decision really be worth it?

A lot of us are aware that the blogosphere tends to be more hard work than fulfilling praise for the people who craft our games, but not a lot of us do anything about that. Enter Scary of Scary Worlds, who this week has been holding his Third Annual Developer Appreciation Week

“I know once and a while I would love for somebody to tell me I’m doing a great job just for doing my job. It’s nice to know someone appreciates me and my hard work. Developers are no different. Spending 1 week to say a few minor thanks does not compare to how great I think these people are. I wish more people felt the same, but I can’t force other people to appreciate anything. ”

In addition to his own great posts, he’s assembled a pretty impressive list of other bloggers to join the cause this year. Here’s the full list:

On which subject, I guess it only remains for me to thank Scary, for what is one of the coolest and, well, nicest recurring events in the blogosphere. I’ve enjoyed it for two years now – it brings a bit of warmth to the blogosphere. He’s saying that it won’t return next year – but I hope it will.

What developer would you like to give thanks to?