800,000 invites? O RLY? Plus, we have met the LFR enemy.

Three really interesting – and controversial, I’m expecting – posts today in our round-up. From the Elf challenging Blizzard’s “800,000 invites” claim to Keen and Graev having trouble pinning down what they must have, read on:

  • The Big Bear Butt has not been having a good time in LFR recently. Today, he tells the story of meeting a deliberate, persistant, intentional griefer against whom his raid was helpless – “24 people in a raid trying their best to win and move on, and those 24 people are subject to the whims of one person, a person who has the achievement and the title of having completed it on normal, who knows what it is they are doing, and who chooses to try and screw everyone else intentionally. For fun, I guess.”
  • Keen of Keen and Graev has been trying to write a post on his must-have feature in an MMO – but he finds that he keeps trying MMOs that don’t fit“Last year I swore off -ever- trying an MMO with a cash shop again, and here I am preparing to try Guild Wars 2 because I want to experience some of the features that GW2 might offer that I have never experienced. It’s just this once. This time will be different. Maybe the next game doesn’t have to have that feature. I think we all rationalize that way from time to time.”
  • And The Grumpy Elf isn’t shying away from controversy today – he believes that Blizzard may be outright lying about the number of beta invites they’ve sent out“What are the mathematical odds that 80% of the invites have gone out and no one in my guild has received theirs yet?”

Does LFR need better policing? Is Blizz massaging the figures? And what’s your must-have MMO feature?