WoW Logic, Companion Love, and Returning MMO Players

This weekend was absolutely packed with great posts, but after a lot of thinking, I’ve pruned it down to four must-reads if you’re looking for a dose of MMO discussion today. So, let’s go!

  • Cynwise has been thinking hard about WoW’s logic, and writes a lengthy post attempting to reconcile the way WoW levels and gear work with Real Life“What is to stop a young Tauren brave from wearing the mighty gear of his elders? Get your head out of WoW for a moment – what is to stop him from putting on the physical garb which conveys these great bonuses? What prevents him, exactly, from picking up an epic mace dropped by Deathwing himself and smashing opponents around him?”
  • Klepsacovic of Troll Racials Are Overpowered responds to that post, with a suggestion that maybe the World of Warcraft’s magic makes the in-game rules make sense
  • Rohan at Blessing of Kings has been thinking about how SWTOR companions work, compared to how single-player companion quests play out, and he looks at where SWTOR could improve“if you think about it, gifts also invalidate the very purpose of the companion system. Your character’s personality doesn’t matter to the companion any more. Instead you just ply them with gifts until their stories unlock.”
  • And Syp at Bio Break thinks that discussions of MMO subscriber numbers often ignore an important element – the players who return“If Fred plays Guild Wars: The Old Republic for one year straight while his friend Jerry plays GWTOR in three unconsecutive four-month segments with breaks between, isn’t it just the same end result? So why do we treat the former scenario as the defining one for a game’s success?”

Oh, and in follow-up news, Sugar and Blood has also announced the winners of Azeroth’s Next Top Plate Model – congrats, everyone!

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