Thursday Randomness: RP, Star Trek and starting a guild

It seems to have been guide week this week, and it’s not over yet, with The Grumpy Elf taking on the pedagogue’s role today. Plus, Green Armadillo continues to find STO interesting, and Azeroth Observer’s been trying something tricky, starting over in WoW…

  • Reliq at Azeroth Observer took the brave step – particularly late in an expansion – of starting a new guild in WoW, and writes up his experiences and what he’s learned“There’s one thing I’ve found from doing this, and it is I think an insight into how strangers interact: you can have an awesome idea, and others may see value in it, but they will not generally commit to that idea without seeing that others have already.”
  • The Grumpy Elf comes over all helpful with a lengthy guide to starting roleplaying in MMORPGs“Just because these things are listed over a persons head in the game it is not a license to assume you know them. If someone does not tell you information you do not know it.”
  • And Green Armadillo provides a detailed, interesting and personal account of his ongoing voyages in Star Trek Online, now up to the high levels“How much these upgrades matter is open to debate. It’s possible to run the duty officer system at the basic 100 slots, but you will have to ditch low quality officers, and may not have the slots to keep a full contingent – i.e. there will likely missions you cannot do for lack of versatility.”

I can’t believe I’ve not used a “to boldly go” gag in an STO post yet.

What are you playing at the moment?