Things That Aren’t Pandas

Believe it or not, there are some things happening today that don’t have anything to do with black-and-white bears with low libidos, too…

  • Khizzara of Blog of the Treant – who is presumably pretty happy about the new Druid glyphs – has written up a long, detailed review of her favourite and least favourite Cataclysm raid bosses. An interesting read. “When the person calling things out is saying, “Kill drakes, new adds up, onslaught, SAPPER!” in one breathless rush, then perhaps there are too many things going on at one time.”
  • There are a lot of blow-by-blow descriptions of Guild Wars 2 out there right now – but I found Gazimoff’s description of how very, very unique spellcasting is in Guild Wars 2 particularly interesting – “Switching from playing a spellcaster in other MMOs to playing one in Guild Wars 2 is a little like changing out a greying Gandalf for something from a martial arts movie.”
  • Children of Wrath is featuring a detailed and controversial critique of the way Blizzard have handled neutral factions in WoW so far“Nearly every neutral faction has more or less acted in a vacuum. Despite a host of previously introduced factions being updated and brought into the current timeline, every neutral entity acts as if they existed within a bubble, completely oblivious to anything that happens outside of their demesnes. “
  • Anafielle of Sacred Duty posts an eye-opening explanation of why she has quit SWTOR for good – centering around the surprisingly critical role of the combat log in MMO endgame“I had no idea how much of my fun raiding was caught up in this stream of information that I completely took for granted… until I had to play without one. It sucks.”
  • And Gordon at We Fly Spitfires has a fresh and original take on the old question of why many people feel embarassed about admitting we play MMOs“Being the first out of 10 million people to achieve something is nothing to sneeze at”

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