The Demise of Tanking, Mozilla Makes An MMO, and Why Play EVE Online?

Yeah, really, they really really did…

  • Dragonchasers links to something extremely cool – a new indie MMO-ish RPG by a buncha new developers called “Mozilla Foundation”. Sounds familiar for some reason… Yes, HTML5 really can run an MMO.
  • Out Of Beta writes a really excellent, lengthy and detailed analysis of the scandal in EVE yesterday – I’ve added this one to the roundup post on that topic – really worth reading: “The Mittani made a mistake, unfortunate The Mittani also happens to be Mittens, and just because he had a different hat on, doesn’t mean he can get a pass. Doing so would set a dangerous precedent of people adopting “identities” with which to execute unwanted behavior with the expectation that they can avoid punishment for their primary identity.”
  • And if you’re asking, as many people are, why anyone would play EVE Online after all that, Jef Reahard at Massively has an interesting, well-timed article on why he plays EVE“She would die to have actual in-game trade routes governed by the laws of supply and demand, and she seeks this functionality out in every new MMO. When I tell her that EVE is the only game where she can actually smuggle (or run and develop actual trade routes), though, she frowns and says yeah that’s great but I don’t want to be a spaceship.”
  • And finally, Meloree at Sacred Duty laments the extent to which raid tanking has become simpler in raiding WoW, and asks if the pendulum will swing back – “We were left with a tier where tanks had very little movement to do, very little position to worry about, no threat rotation to be concerned about – our job was largely to show up and stand in front of a boss. Showing up was essentially the entire bar to success as a tank, there was no opportunity to fail. “

Are you playing EVE still? Or a tank in WoW?