The Compleat Guide To Trying Out Everquest Free-to-Play

I’m occasionally blown away by the detail, care and thoroughness people put into MMO-related blog posts. From Maintankadin, EJ, and other sites’ theorycrafting to enormous treatises on WoW achievements, people can really put their heart into helping others, and that just makes my day.

Today we’ve got another contender in the “truly awesome guides” category, from ECTMMO. With Everquest going Free to Play, they’ve realised a lot of newbies and old-timers will be hitting the servers. So they’ve gone above and beyond, with a truly massive and comprehensive guide to everything you’ll need to know about modern EQ

Where do I find armor? And Claim ITEMS

You’ll want to check out your /claim items. Simply type in /claim and hit enter. You should have several items that you may want to claim on your characterful or several characters. Remember, some items can only be claimed once. These items consist of mounts, house items, clicky items, among other stuff. There are lots of them and you’ll want to make sure you which you want on what character, if you have several. For instance, you wouldn’t want to claim the Scepter of Draconic calling on a caster, it would be best saved for a melee character who doesn’t have the gate ability.

In the Plane of Knowledge (PoK) are vendors that do have some quests for armor, you can find those easy enough near the soul binder. The best thing to get while leveling will be the defiant armor. This armor starts at level 10 and there is an alternate set every 10 levels all the way to level 70. It is crude, simple, rough, ornate, flawed, intricate and elaborate- DEFIANT armor. You can buy this rather cheap in the Bazaar from other players and even find it as drops in the game. There are also defiant weapons too, they come in the same brackets. There are vendors in PoK that sell other bits too, these can help as you level. There is also crafted armor, raid armor, named mobs drop things too, so keep an eye out for named and rares. The cash shop does sell defiant armor, if you’re really wanting to go that route, and perhaps you have an armor bundle in the /claim items.

Did I mention this guide was long? It’s long. It’s 9 complete page-reads on my not-tiny monitor, covering everything from finding your old server to questing and levelling to random cool fluff. It’s not the best-organised thing ever, but if you’re in its target audience you should probably read it from start to finish anyway.

And even more impressively, it actually does a pretty good job of selling the game too. By half-way through, I was seriously considering checking EQ out myself.

So, if you’re coming back to Norrath, or arriving for the first time, or you know someone who is – now you know where to go for all your questions.

Are you planning on returning to EQ, or trying it out for the first time?