The Community Writes – Short Stories From Many Of Your Favourite Bloggers

As any reader of this site will know, the WoW and MMORPG blogging community is home to some fantastic writers. And like many people, I suspect, I’ve often been interested to see how their writing would translate to non-MMO topics.

Well, today we’ve got a really cool roundup post for you. You see, the Big Bear Butt himself organised a little challenge a few days ago – a writing challenge, involving specific words that had to be worked into a story or post.

I’ve seen these a time or two before, and they’re always interesting, even if they only get a few responses. But this time –

This time absolutely everyone responded.

If you want to see short fiction from Rades, Vidyala, Gnomeageddon, the Bear Butt himself, Kelpsacovic, The Grumpy Elf, The Godmother, Tome of the Ancient, Gnomeageddon, Resto Is Epic and many, many more, read on.

  • Vidyala of Manalicious tells a story of a Draenai struggling with her new home in Unfamiliar Stars“She unconsciously scanned the night sky seeking one familiar star, and finding none. These were not the stars of her youth. The atmosphere of this adopted planet, new home to her people, lay far from their last home. She doubted they could find their way here a second time. “
  • Fulgaralis of Killing ’em Slowly hits us with some flash fiction“Okay. I can do this. Flash Fiction, 100 words or less. Go!”
  • Gnomeageddon tells his story with screenshots and gnomes in Defeat: A Short Story
  • Red Cow Rise tells us the story of an Azerothian publisher of steamy literature, in A Steamy Romance Novel“It was a well-known fact that in exchange for her commitment to friendly and personal business transactions, Boss Mida Silvertongue enjoyed a fierce loyalty and genuine affection from merchants and assistants alike. It was slightly less well-known that she had an enduring penchant for literature of an erotic nature.”
  • Tish Tosh Tesh gives us 7005 words by thinking laterally
  • Katarnas of Resto Is Epic tells us the story of a feral druid searching for her cub“Quieter this time and barely audible, the mew was coming from behind the rock fall. Kat pawed at the rubble and tried to break through.”
  • Toys of Azeroth conjures up a young warrior in training in The Meeting of Doh and Amitiella“He had two options at the moment. Complete the test or withdraw from warrior training altogether. He would never be able to bear the silent shame of his tribe if he quit. A tauren, after all, keeps his word without fail. “
  • Geeky Peach hits a new mark for minimalism by getting the entire challenge into a single sentence
  • Giltharak introduces the main character in his new blog as part of the challenge“Giltharak sighed at the view of the shiny coin still on the table. He placed another one next to it, rose to his feet and slowly walked to the door. Many times has he tried to appease the fear his presence instigated in the heart of others, but in vain”
  • The Anxious Gamer gives us a homesick troll in Northrend, in A Letter Home“Da nights here in Northrend be unbearable. I hope for warmth, in vain for da truth: this be a cold place. Ah, what I give for a juicy slab o boar, rare an tasty. “
  • The Ancient has a solid rant at her character in The Juicy Bear Burger Of Love“That’s enough; I don’t want to hear anymore. Okay Druid. I’m logging off. What you do on your own time with your own money with WHOEVER is your business.”
  • The Grumpy Elf joined in with an entertaining story of unrequited Gnomish love“I decided I would woo her, as any dead sexy gnome in goggles would of course, by putting the goggles on my head, getting on my knees and opening my eyes as big and wide as I could. I figure if she would just see me for a few minutes she would uncontrollably fall in love with it. “
  • Sugar And Blood’s entry is decidedly highbrow – A Tragedy In Three Acts“She had come of age. Theleste’s mother arranged, at no small cost, between her husband’s business associate and a matchmaker, an appointment for a suitor, a quite suitable suitor.”
  • Azerothian Vignettes gives us, yes, a vignette, of a Night Elf in prayer“She moves slowly and sensually, slender pale purple arms swaying rhythmically as she casts her spell, summoning a shaft of moonlight, the gift of Elune, purifying the area. “
  • Revive And Rejuvenate tells a touching tale of a Tauren parent in A Story For Sproutling – _“

    Leesah laughed as she swung him up over her head and down again. “No, silly, you already had num nums. It’s time for a bath and sleepy time.” She carried him back inside their home and out to the hidden alcove that served as a bathroom.”_

  • MMO Compendium responds to BBB’s challenge with a quest

  • Amateur Azerothian tells the story of a doomed warrior“I look over at my star knife. The weapon he made sure was the first thing taken upon my capture. There is no point even trying for it now, even if it would be to slit my own throat in the moment and deprive him the pleasure.”

  • Ironshields gives us a warrior taken in by overly-optimistic stories of gold“All the treasure he had found was trash. The coins were some kind of cheap soft grey metal. The plate was painted, rusted steel, and the pearls and ivory clearly poor wooden imitations. Worst of all the massive diamond was plainly a lump of common quartz.”

  • The Godmother of Alt:ernative gives us a weary warrior in a moment of peace“They would sit in the room above her father’s shop talking by candlelight, or by day beside the Canals whist she repaired the never-ending stream of Military clothing with skill and care.”

  • Zwingli gives us two contrasting pieces – A Dragon’s Night and A Dragon’s Knight

  • Martha of responds to the challenge three ways – in script, in scribbles and in song.

  • Navimie of The Daily Frostwolf responds with a poem that might be titled The Blogger’s Lament“Maybe I should write about how I think a blog should be / That what you write’s like a shaft of light, so a reader, they can see / Some titbit goss, a piece of news, or perhaps what you are doing / And write what you think YOU should write, not what gets you more page viewing.”

  • Klepsacovic writes – well, I’m not quite sure what’s going on, but I’m pretty sure it’s very clever.

  • WoWMidas writes about a topic close to his heart in The Ballad Of The Auction Baron“A juicy flip our mogul found / An epic cheap, a mere eight thou’nd / He happily put it up for 5k more.”

  • Rades combines his writing challenge entry with speculation about Garrosh Hellscream’s future in The Point Of No Return“Of course, now Garrosh knew better. Theramore continued to stand not because of Thrall’s leniency, but because Jaina was a damned monster.”

  • BBB’s own submission muses on the struggle of writing, in Word Warriors“I hope to grasp the words that will give perfect shape to what I feel, to bring back a true name. I hope. I get what I get. I never know what I’ll get. Each time, it’s as much a mystery to me as to anyone else. “

  • Pugnacious Priest writes a story of a mutual misunderstanding between an alien and a barmaid“Zea watched the Alien negotiate the tables on his way towards her. The glass held poised at her mouth. Her eyes narrow slits. She was trying to project ‘ go away’ but it didn’t seem to be working.”

  • Kamalia of Kamalia Et Alia gives us a pictures-and-words story of adventuring Gnomes, in S.A.F.E. In Tinkertown“Eventually, I convinced myself that Broglie had probably been one of the 80% of all Gnomes who had perished immediately in the Disaster. Despite what my great-grandmother had said, I had no heart for attempting to rebuild my family’s usual business. “

  • Serenity Saz is rather channeling Indiana Jones in the twisty Temple of the Lost Star“A faint, eerie singing slowly crept its way to her ears. Blindly she withdrew her daggers as the little hairs on the back of her neck stood on end. Forward she crept, stone crunching beneath her feet.”

  • DE The Tank joins the surprisingly popular poetry party with The Bosses Of Firelands In Seven Words“Oh Shannox, I hate thee, and how you stay hidden/ And when you come out, to play with me, with your dogs I am so smitten”

  • Imperial Intelligence joins the “mini-fiction” group with a 54-word entry.

  • And Effraeti dramatises some Worgen lore in The Secret Of The Scythe““Milord, pray forgive the late hour of this intrusion, but the wolf-men have returned!” Rinald, shouted, waking both the Lord and Lady from their slumber. “Even now, they ravage the village!””

And if all of those aren’t enough, check BBB’s wrapup post, where he highlights the other entries from writers who contributed even more in comments!

Thanks very much to everyone who took up BBB’s challenge – it’s been fantastic to read so many people doing something different and interesting. And, of course, a huge thanks to BBB for getting the ball rolling in the first place!

If you’ve read this far, please consider sharing this post on your blog or on social media, so even more people can enjoy this fantastic event!